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Mastering Your Mind in Sales

Mastering Your MindPerforming at your best in sales requires that you take control of your mind.  We all know that a confident, optimistic mind-set is a key ingredient to us reaching our top performance. Yet many salespeople, aided by a fast-paced, high-pressure business environment undermind themselves with negative talk and pessimistic thinking.

With a new week in front of us, here are a few habits to use so that you master your mind:

  1. Tune in to your mind-set throughout the day.  It’s easy to get “caught-up” in everything around us.  Observe your state of mind four or five times during the day.  How’s your energy? What state are your in?  In-control, relaxed and focused or anxious, uneasy and distracted?
  2. Focus on your breathing.  Take slower, deeper breaths to instill a sense of calmness and confidence.
  3. Check your posture.  Straighten out the crook in your back and assume the bearing of a fearless warrior.  Turn your walk into a stride.
  4. Pay more attention to what you eat.  There is certainly a food-mood connection. Various foods and drinks affect your mind-set. How does your thinking change 30 minutes after drinking a large soft drink?
  5. Set a cue in the environment.  Choose a picture, the arrival of the mail, something on your desk that can prompt you to refocus yourself. Dan Robertson of the Printing Industries of America has a screen saver that reminds him to adopt a more mindful attitude.
  6. Monitor your internal dialog. When you hear yourself blaming or criticizing yourself, the company, your clients, the economy or co-workers, STOP!  As Paul Viaolassi of Softtech Solutions said, “Get your mind out of the gutter.”
  7. Visualize.  Recall past moments of brilliance and grace; envision yourself flourishing in difficult situations.

In the coming days, become more aware of your mind-set and the habits you practice that either lead you closer to or futher away from your sales goals.

Have a great week selling!

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