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Daily Sales Coach

Imagine if you had a coach by your side each and every day …

    • To bring to you the latest strategies on sales and individual performance from leading experts.
    • To keep your feet to the fire with reminders and action steps.
    • To be a sounding board for your ideas.
    • To  point you in the direction of resources that will help you reach your goals.
    • To assist you in creating a compelling, meaningful plan of action.
    • To hold you accountable and track your progress.

How much more productive would you be?

That’s what Daily Sales Coach can do for you.  By joining this elite group of sales performers, you’ll have a full years access to:

    • Twelve training modules, drip-fed and delivered weeklycovering every aspect of the selling process and your personal performance.
    • Daily Sales Boosts for the first 90 days.  These are 2-minute video trainings sent to your inbox, phone or tablet each morning with specific action steps and reinforcement.
    • Portrait of a young businessmanMonthly group coaching calls where we bring in experts from around the world.  These “live” events allow you to interact with our coaches, bring up your specific challenges, listen to panels of successful sales achievers and get further insight on your training plan.
    • A private, member’s-only website with archives of the Daily Sales Coach training, additional resources to go deeper, a member forum and direct email support to your coaches.

Daily Sales Coach is launching in September!


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